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What Is Ecoleave?
Ecoleave is an online leave application system which allows employees to conveniently apply leave online via a web browser. Emails will be automatically sent to their respective supervisors who can then approve or reject the leave online.

Paperless and error-free

  • No missing employees files
  • Reduce the use of paper. Go eco-friendly!
  • Approving leave is simple and effortless

Convenient and Productive

  • Access anytime, anywhere on any gadgets
  • Reduce administrative burden business-wide
  • View the entire team’s leave in one place

Trusted by successful companies

An online leave management system that your HR, approval, and employees will love to use

Ecoleave is a user-friendly leave management system that reduces the time and costs associated with leave management. It currently has 3,000+ users from organizations of all sizes.


With Ecoleave, you can easily track all types of leave entitlement, taken, and balance besides the Annual, Medical, as well as Replacement leave.

Emergency, Annual, or Non-Pay Leave is auto-assigned based on your setting and claimable.

Empower staff with easy-to-use leave system

> Employees apply for leave
> Approval receive an email notification to approve or reject
> Employee receive approved or rejected email notification

Apply leave including before and after Rest days or Public holidays will automatically omit it.

Apply and Approve on-behalf

Approval can apply for pre-approved leave on behalf of his or her subordinates.

For any reason, HR can also apply on behalf of any employees for pre-approved leave.

Take your company’s leave management
to the next level

Ecoleave helps you organising your workforce much more efficiently, thus increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Cut-off date Payroll processing

With this e-leave system, you can easily filter dates from/to all types of leave taken summaries and details, for your payroll.

You can even filter any type of leave taken more than certain days for a certain period.

Gain total visibility over employee leave

The Calendar view option gives management a bird’s-eye view of all approved employees’ leave by types with color codes, rest days, and holidays.

Instant Seach by employee and filter by department, branch or category allowing the respective manager to organize manpower in advance.

Powerful reports and Dashboard

HR tabular leave reports include Annual, Medical, and Replacement (entitlement, earn, claimable, taken, forfeit and balance) allowing management a better overview of all planned leave as well as accurate workforce scheduling.

Product's Highlight

Email Notification - Email Notification for leave application and approved or rejected status.

Calendar View - View who is on leave and able to filter by depart, branch or category.Leave Entitlement - 6 categories of employee leave entitlement vs their years of service.

Corporate Branding - Completely branded to tie in with your own corporate image.

Leave Summary - Employee view own leave BF, entitle, pending, taken and balance instantly.

Leave Reports - Up to date summary and detail leave reports by employees for HR.

Import & Export- Import from UBS Payroll. Reports able to export to pdf or excel.

100% Online - 100% Online and paperless management system so 24 hours global access.