UBS Inventory Software (3 Users) International Version

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Makes Inventory Management And Billing Easy, Efficient And Informative.

Access (formerly known as Sage) UBS Inventory & Billing makes stock control easier by putting the control back into your hands.  It provides you with the flexibility to handle all types of inventory transactions and have instant updates and inventory status at your fingertips.

Access UBS Inventory & Billing performs as an invoicing system where you can print invoices and delivery orders

Four types of stock valuation methods are included:-

  • Fixed Cost
  • Monthly Average
  • First-in; First-out (FIFO)
  • Moving Average

The system enables companies to work easier and more efficiently with the following features:-

  • Wizard Setup to enable users a quick start in the set up processes
  • Task flows displayed for easy reference and direct access to the required screen
  • SMS to provide flexibility on retrieving information directly from the system and sending it across to customers or suppliers with personal message attached